Bush Tucker Education Packages

Bush tucker, also called bush food, is food native to Australia. Aboriginal Australians have used indigenous plants for food and medicine for millennia. In this one-hour workshop, school children and community groups of all ages will experience the diversity of Australian Aboriginal culture and food.

  • Cultural significance of bush tucker
  • Identify bush tucker species
  • Edible and medicinal uses, of a range of species
  • Bush tucker taste testing eg;
    1. Wattleseed Muffins
    2. Fresh Berries
    3. Strawberry Gum
    4. Infused Fruit
    5. Warrigal Greens Pesto
    6. Dried Pepper Berries
    7. Lemon Myrtle Cordial
    8. A bush tucker trivia game to revise lesson
    9. Plant examples to see, touch and smell
  • Detailed notes on each bush tucker species
  • Bush tucker recipes
  • FREE Plants

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